Wednesday, September 24, 2014


It's a science fiction take on the story "The Man who would be King"  or DreamWorks "El Dorado".  The two main characters are soldiers who are overly ambitious, believing that they are more deserving than being mere grunts and would be better leaders than politicians.  After chasing down and commandeering an enemy ship filled with weapons on the outer rim of known space, they receive word that the war has ended.  Seeing no rush to return home they venture to an uncharted planet where they decide to have some fun with the weapons that they commandeered.  Upon reaching the new planet they find a race of alien people who are physically smaller than them and whose culture is similar to to that of world during the 1700's.  The aliens do not receive them very well at first, but the two protagonists manage to persuade the aliens to allow them to help them win a war that has been going on for decades.  They begin by asking for riches such as gold, but as time goes on, they truly believe that they can change this new world for the better.  However, they find themselves in trouble when the military that they left tracks them down and seeks to punish them for abandoning the military and for stealing weapons.

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