Monday, March 31, 2014

Homework (Breaking the head into simple planes)

In addition to the individual assignments you have (taking the feedback I gave you on your character in class and doing more sketches based off of that...AND REMEMBER TO STAY LOOSE!!)  I also want you to do some more studies of the human head.  First, I want you to do a study of this planemetric head (and dont just draw it, I want you to study while you draw...meaning, really take some time to observe why some areas are lighter or darker than others).  Then, I want you to take the image attached of this guy and do a study where you draw over the image and apply all the same lines and values you see in the planemetric head.  Finally, I want you to paint the guys face from scratch, but start by mapping out the planes of his face.  Albert's post below this one is a perfect example of how I want your final image to look because even though it is rendered out, the planes are still visible (meaning that the person drew the planes out before getting into any kind of detail)

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