Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hi guys
Hope you guys are doing good,
Here are some reminder for next week's task

Entertainment Student (character design)
Please bring followings by next week
  1. list of character (3-4)
  2. Character description (nationality, personality, background, world they are living in, time period, weather, job and etc)
  3. 15 thumbnail (silhouette) sketches per character with black marker or photoshop.

Every students (including Entertainment Student):
  1. Please complete landscape exercise, finish your poster based on my feedback.
  2. Your poster should have a correct aspect ratio 16"x24" with proper contents (actor, director name, release date, publisher logo and all others) 
  3. Landscape Exercise (see attached image)
  4. We will work on "remake" of existing movie poster. Please pick a movie poster that already exist either from past or present. Each student will spend 2 mins to explain about their movie and we will come up with final composition in class.
Please upload your homework to blog before class.

* for your ongoing project, please continue to work on them on side. Even they are not complete, you still need to start on this new project.

Thank you and comment on this thread if you have any question.

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